Who We Are


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Founded by Ajith Bopitiya in 2000, TRIKONSULT is a Dedicated Team of HR Practitioners passionate about human resource development and engaged in providing the services with high quality work, excellent service, expert knowledge, and on-time delivery.

Since our inception, TRIKONSULT has been working with medium and large size organizations in the public, private and non-governmental sector organizations supporting the design and implementation of their OD and HR strategies. We have also come a long way facing two major economic downturns, the "2008 financial crisis" and "2019 black easter's economic meltdown."

Whilst facing the challenges ourselves, we continued to support our most valuable customers in every way possible to ensure that their planned programmes are conducted without major disruption. Our relationship with the clients has been the strength that kept us in business for two decades amidst such major challenges. If there were any marketing campaigns at TRIKONSULT, it has mostly been the word-of-mouth promotions by our clients.

Meet the Founder

Ajith Bopitiya

Ajith is a highly rated educator, learning facilitator, HR & OD strategist and an Executive Coach who is passionate in helping, individuals, teams and organizations to be the best they can be.

Our Team

They All Joined Us!

The following Professionals joined us and served our clientele with dedication, commitment and expertise.

Priyal Perera

Assocate Consultant

Priyal hass more than 35 years of hands-on experience in HRM and Development with Experiential Learning Facilitation experience for more than 5 years at TASK ADVENTURE as Associate Consultant/Trainer.

Athula Amarasena

Associate Consultant

Athula has more than 35 years experience in public and private sector of which more than 20 years has been in HR. Former Director of Studies at CIPM, In addition to his role as Associate Consultant, he also serves  as the Director Academic Affairs of Asia-Pacific HR Academy (Pvt) Ltd. 

Prabhath Pussadeniya

Associate Consultant

Prabhath has been with us for the last 08 years and he possesses more than 25 years experience in HRM

Malki Lokuge

Assistant Manager-HR & Operations

Malki joined Trikonsult 8 years ago as an Executive armed with a Merit Diploma in PQHRM and 3 years experience in the corporate sector. Presently, she manages the operations with a degree of passion very few can match. 

Wish to Talk To Us About Your Specific Need?

We promise you that we will never become a nuisance after you speak to us, chasing behind with marketing gimmicks. Your discussion with us is confidential and we will submit our proposal for the solution that we can provide for your need. And, we will leave you to make your decision.